Good Teaching?

Mills, J. and Murray, A. (2000). Music technology inspected: good teaching in Key Stage 3. British Journal of Music Education, 17:2, 129-156. (link)

This survey of 52 schools in England sought to show through examples what is ‘good’ music teaching with ICT. The schools surveyed were those music educators had identified as being likely to display good practice.The general conclusion of the article was that good music teaching with ICT is good teaching.

This article took a broad view of ICT, including examples of ICT being used in combination with acoustic instruments or voice. As a broad survey of English schools, I believe this article to be most representative of how ICT is actually used in most music classrooms, rather than how a minority of extremely skilled ‘digital’ music teachers wish ICT was used. This article gave many examples of ICT being used to scaffold students learning, such as using a sequenced ostinato so that students can focus more closely on their improvisation skills.

A problem with this article is its age. ICT developments have moved quickly and at 11 years old, some parts of the article (such as a prediction that IWBs will come into general usage, or marvelling at new quadraphonic surround sound) are outdated. However the strength of this article lies in its observations of good music teaching that successfully uses ICT as a tool to improve students learning and engagement.

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