A Global Classroom

Burnard, P. (2007). Reframing creativity and technology: promoting pedagogic change in music education. Journal of Music, Technology and Education, 1 37-55. doi: 10.1386/jmte.1.1.37/1

In common with other authors, Burnard makes the argument that innovative use of ICT in music classrooms following constructivist principles can help make lessons more engaging and relevant for students. However she extends this idea of creating a classroom community of learners to include a global classroom that makes connections through Web 2.0 such as www.soundjunction.org and www.sonicpostcards.org. The social space in which students learn is increased through ICT, and the ease of input of Web 2.0 removes the need for specialist knowledge in order to create meaningful, substantial musical works.

Burnard states that technology and creativity are now  inseparable, especially as so many students use technology in their daily lives. Examining and reflecting on the relationship between technology and creativity will help inform pedagogic change. Burnard’s asserts that many students currently consume technology passively. I argue using ICT to create original works of personal meaning and sharing them with a global community will result in students using technology actively and becoming more aware of their position in the global, digital age.

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