STS 1 Module B Reflections

I feel this week has really been about expanding my horizons. Previously I would have defined curriculum as a document produced by a school or government body that tells teachers what they have to teach students. I am now starting to consider other aspects of curriculum. In particular I have been thinking of assessment as part of a curriculum, especially front-loaded assessment to determine prior knowledge, and the hidden aspect of curriculum, or the parts of the curriculum that aren’t formally written down and acknowledged.

Teachers, school and governments all have values and motivations that are brought into the classroom and are informally and unknowingly passed on to students. It’s becoming clearer to me that in order to be an effective teacher and facilitator of learning, that I need to know what values I and those around me are bringing to the classroom and its hidden curriculum. Knowing more about myself and my students will allow me to make more informed decisions about what skills and content to teach my student, and how to help the students learn in the most relevant and appropriate way.

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One Response to STS 1 Module B Reflections

  1. Kerrie says:

    enjoying your reflections so much!

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