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Creativity and Constructivism

Ward, C. (2009) Musical exploration using ICT in the middle and secondary school classroom. International Journal of Music Education 27:154. doi: 10.1177/0255761409102323 There are a number of excellent points made in this article. Ward explores how his constructivist views of … Continue reading

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Good Teaching?

Mills, J. and Murray, A. (2000). Music technology inspected: good teaching in Key Stage 3. British Journal of Music Education, 17:2, 129-156. (link) This survey of 52 schools in England sought to show through examples what is ‘good’ music teaching … Continue reading

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A Global Classroom

Burnard, P. (2007). Reframing creativity and technology: promoting pedagogic change in music education. Journal of Music, Technology and Education, 1 37-55. doi: 10.1386/jmte.1.1.37/1 In common with other authors, Burnard makes the argument that innovative use of ICT in music classrooms … Continue reading

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Defining Music Education in the Digital Age

Cain, T. (2004). Theory, technology and the music curriculum. British Journal of Music Education 21:2, 215-221. doi: 10.1017/S0265051704005650 In this article, Cain argues that the practical changes in music education brought about by recent technological developments, require us to rethink … Continue reading

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An all too common problem, but is there really a solution?

Crawford, R. (2009). Secondary school music education: A case study in adapting to ICT resources limitations. Australasian Journal of Education Technology, 25:4, 471-488. I chose to examine this article because it has an Australian focus and because it addresses … Continue reading

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Ed Foundations Module A – comments

I have commented on Luci Knight’s post here and on Ty Quinn’s post here.  

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PPLE Module C reflections

This week I read two articles on non-interventionist theories. The first was Improving Students’ Interest in Learning: Some Positive Techniques by Leslie Leong. Leong is a tertiary teacher at Central Connecticut State University, so this piece was written with older … Continue reading

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STS 1 Module B Reflections

I feel this week has really been about expanding my horizons. Previously I would have defined curriculum as a document produced by a school or government body that tells teachers what they have to teach students. I am now starting … Continue reading

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