I’m going to try a poll… just for fun

So I’ve been finding the textbook a little aggravating. Jargon heavy, reads like a policy document so full of artificially constructed words it makes almost no sense.

Frequent use of ‘stakeholder’ got me thinking, and then ‘storying education’ confirmed it (in my mind at least). So here goes…..

TA-DA! My first poll. How very exciting.

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2 Responses to I’m going to try a poll… just for fun

  1. Cara Irvine says:

    WOW! A poll. How awesome to be able to make a poll!
    Nice work. And DEFINITELY a Kevin07/Sir Humph textbook!

  2. Arran says:

    So true!

    “In drawing out and working with the pre-existing understandings that students bring with them, this view of teachers’ pedagogy is designed to capitalise on the knowledge that students bring to a new learning task, unit or course.”

    (Translation: Keep students engaged by linking to stuff they already know.)

    “Teachers’ knowledge of learners and the learning process views pedagogy as an active construction of meaning and as a vehicle for guiding and facilitating learning.”

    (Translation: Nothing!!)

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