A few things I thought about in ELPG tute 2

Multi-tasking – is it changing the way we think? Is the structure of our brain altering? Are children’s brains physically developing differently? Are GenY better at multi-tasking? Or perhaps GenY just think they are better at multi-tasking because they want to multi-task. Some studies (find them) show this to be the case.

Other things I thought of:

Equity issues: Conole p4 mentions the assumption that everyone has access to the internet. Obviously this isn’t the case. Some students may have access at school, but not at home (or at least not access to broadband that enables many Web2.0). Some schools require all students to have a laptop, some school don’t even have a computer lab with one computer per student. Is this giving all students equity in education?

Our own familiarity with ICT may determine our use in the classroom. If we are unfamiliar with it we might not be prepared to use it, or might use it in a superficial way.

Intrinsic v Extrinsic motivation: Is ICT giving students purely extrinsic motivation? Getting students in with animations and Web2.0 but then having them disengage when presented with a traditional pen and paper test. Is this a failure to program and integrate ICT into lessons in an appropriate way or a failure of assessment? Both? National testing prevents tailoring assessment to the student/class/unit/philosophy.

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