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Education Foundations Learning Journal 1

Scenario: Wayne(1) Wayne teaches at an inner city public high school. While he is really excited about his new job close to the inner city suburb where he lives and went to university, he’s finding that not all the students … Continue reading

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I’m going to try a poll… just for fun

So I’ve been finding the textbook a little aggravating. Jargon heavy, reads like a policy document so full of artificially constructed words it makes almost no sense. Frequent use of ‘stakeholder’ got me thinking, and then ‘storying education’ confirmed it … Continue reading

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PPLE Module B reflections

For this module I chose to read section B of the Krause article, Models of effective classroom management. At the time I jotted down a series of points I found interesting as well as some questions that came into my … Continue reading

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A few things I thought about in ELPG tute 2

Multi-tasking – is it changing the way we think? Is the structure of our brain altering? Are children’s brains physically developing differently? Are GenY better at multi-tasking? Or perhaps GenY just think they are better at multi-tasking because they want … Continue reading

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